120 x 45cm Rectangle Bathroom Mirror with Drilled Holes & Chrome Cap Wall Hanging Fixing Kit


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  • Size: 120 x 45cm (1200 x 450mm) approximately 48 x 18″ inches.
  • Mirror Depth: 4mm (0.4cm) mirror glass (not plastic/acrylic) with smooth edges.
  • Drilled Holes: This mirror has 4 drilled holes for the purpose of securing the mirror to the wall using the wall hanging fixings provided. The diameter of each drilled hole is 7mm. The drilled holes are positioned 38mm from the mirror edge to the hole centre.
  • Mirror Wall Hanging Fixings: A chrome effect cap mirror wall hanging fixing kit is included with each mirror. The kit consists of x 4 screws x 4 rawl plugs x 4 spacers 4 grommets 4 x chrome caps. The mirror can be hung either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). Detailed wall hanging instructions are included.
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